RFID Fixed Reader + 2 Antennas + Tags Kit

RFID Fixed Reader + 2 Antennas + Tags Kit

The Asset Infinity RFID Fixed Reader + 2 Antennas + Tags Kit is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to implement a comprehensive asset tracking system. This kit includes all the equipment you need to get started, including the Impinj R700 RFID fixed reader, 2 antennas, 11 varieties of RFID sample tags (3 pieces each), 1 PoE injector, and 2 antenna cables

₹ 199,999.00 INR

The AssetInfinity RFID Fixed Reader + 2 Antennas + Tags Kit is the ultimate solution forbusinesses looking to implement a comprehensive asset tracking system. This kitincludes all the equipment you need to get started, including the Impinj R700RFID fixed reader, 2 antennas, RFID sample tags (11 varities, total quantity33), 1 PoE injector, and 2 antenna cables (3 meter each).

The ImpinjR700 RFID fixed reader is a high-performance device that is specially designed for use in demanding environments. It offers fast and accurate read rates, so you can track your assets with confidence. The 2 antennas included in this kit are optimized for use with the R700 reader, ensuring that you get the best possible performance.

With the Asset Infinity RFID Fixed Reader + 2 Antennas + Tags Kit, you can enjoy hassle-free asset tracking from the moment you receive your equipment. Our RFID sample tags are made of durable materials and are compatible with the R700reader, making it easy to integrate them into your existing asset tracking process. In this kit, you get 11 different varieties of RFID tags (total quantity 33).

Invest in the Asset Infinity RFID Fixed Reader + 2 Antennas + Tags Kit today and take the first step towards a more efficient and effective asset tracking process! As an Asset Infinity customer, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have access to top-quality asset tracking solutions. Shop with us today and discover the benefits of working with the leading asset management software store.

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The Impinj R700 reader is designed to support global enterprise RAIN deployments that need high performance and reliability. IoT developers can easily build and deploy customized solutions with developer-friendly APIs, versatile, standardized connections, and support for up to 32 antennas.

The Impinj R700 reader builds on the heritage of the Impinj Speedway reader family with an all-new internal and external design. With the fast, accurate reading of small, global RAIN RFID tags, the Impinj R700advances the performance of use cases including threshold transitions and inventory.

Specification Description
Physical Dimensions With mounting brackets 8.4 in. long x 7.4 in. wide x 1.2 in. deep (21.5 cm x 18.7 cm x 3.0 cm) Without brackets: 8.4 in. width x 5.9 in. depth x 1.2 in. height inch (21.4 x 14.9 x 3.0 cm)
Power Supply PoE (802.3af), PoE+ (802.3at) with LLDP for power negotiation
Air Interface Protocol EPC global UHF Gen2 v2 / ISO 18000-63 RFID
Antenna Ports
4, Monostatic (RP-TNC)
Frequency Range  IPJ-R700-341 Global Reader: 902 – 928 MHz
IPJ-R700-241 ETSI Reader 865 868 MHz, 915 921 MHz
Transmit Power PoE+: 33 dBm max
PoE: 30 dBm max
Receive Sensitivity -92 dBm max
Processor Dual-core 1 GHz ARM Processor
Memory 1GB Flash, 1GB RAM  
Network Connectivity 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet 
Device Connectivity 3 USB Type-A, 1 micro USB 
General Purpose I/O 3 out, 2 in 

POE Injector:

  • Convert Non-PoE to PoE-With no need to replace your existing non-PoE switch/device, you can easily have PoE enabled with the use of TL-PoE150S
  • High Speed Gigabit Ports-Experience lightning-fast wired speeds with 1× Gigabit Ethernet Input Port plus 1× Gigabit Ethernet Output port
  • 802.3af PoE Compliant-TL-PoE150S supplies power and data via one single ethernet cable to 802.3afPoE devices and expands network to areas with no power lines or outlets
  • Plug and Play Installation-Easy setup with no software installation or configuration needed
  • Long Range Transmission-Deliver Power up to 100meters (328ft.), perfect for IP cameras or access point deployment in large areas
  • Auto Detect Power-With Auto Detect technology,TL-PoE150Sdetermines and delivers the exact power supply to your devices with up to 15.4Wpower output. Gigabit speed support

RFID Tags:

Size Chip Frequency Range
Mini  58x18x8.5mm  M730/M750/U9 866-868 (EU)
902-928 (US)
Upto 5m/16ft
Logo printing/Laser Engraving available
Ferrum 122x24x10mm  Ucode U8/U9/M730  866-868 (EU)
902-928 (US)
Upto 10m/33ft   Logo printing/Laser Engraving available
Plasto 110x18x4mm  R6/R6-P  860-960 Upto 6m/20ft  Logo printing/Laser Engraving available 
Ferrum-M  100x25x10mm  M730/M750/U9 866-868 (EU) Upto 8m/25ft Logo printing/Laser Engraving available
Metal Label   80x25x1.2mm Monza R6
902-928 (US)
Upto 5m/16ft
Logo printing/Laser Engraving available 
Speedo-D   105x26mm U8 860-960 Upto 8m/26ft Logo printing
Wristband  220x202mm R6/R6-P
860-960 Upto 1.5m/6ft Logo Printing
Tie-Tag 62x28x4mm
M730/U9  860-960 Upto 5m/16ft Logo printing/Laser Engraving available 
Lotis  70x15mm Impinj R6/NXP U8/U9   866-868 (EU)
902-928 (US)
Upto 4m/13ft Logo Printing
Twin   80x20mm  M730+Ntag# 860-960
Upto 8m/26ft & 10cms Logo Printing

Features Applications Attachment
Mini - IP67
- Works well on metal
- Impact Resistant
- NFC Version available
Metal Asset Tracking, Maintenance of field Assets - Adhesive Tape
- Riveting screws
Ferrum  - IP67
- Works well on metal
- Impact Resistant
Container & cargo tracking, Heavy machinery maintenance and tracking
- Adhesive Tape
- Riveting screws
Plasto - IP67
- Works well on wood & plastic
- Impact Resistant
Pallet Tracking, Furniture Tracking - Adhesive Tape
- Riveting screws
Ferrum-M  - IP67
- Works well on metal
- Impact Resistant
Metal Asset Tracking - Adhesive Tape
- Riveting screws
Metal Label - IP54
Small flexible tag suitable for even curved metal surface
- Printable roll-form
Metal Asset Tracking, Laptop Tracking - Adhesive Tape
Speedo-D - IP54
- Strong Adhesive
- Destructible tag, Gets damaged upon tampering
Vehicle Tracking - Adhesive Tape
Wristband  - IP65
- Reusable
People Tracking - Button
Tie-Tag  - IP65
- Suitable for tying with Assets
Asset Management, Cables Tracking - Tying
Lotis - IP68
- Designed especially for Laundry Applications
Laundry Management, Finished Garments - Sewing
- Adhesive Tape
Twin - IP54
- Dual Frequency Label
- Custom Size Available
Asset Management - Adhesive Tape


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