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What is printed on the tags?
There are times when only Asset Serial number and QR code is present on the tags and then there are times when serial number, QR code, Asset Location, Asset name etc. are also there on the tags. So basically, the information present on the tags can be customized according to the need of the client. 
What is the quality of tags that we provide? 
Hotels generally clean their assets with cleaning sprays like Colin which results in fading of the tags (over a period) if they are not protected with any layer. Solution: it is a polyester sticker; it does not tear up and on it for extra protection we paste a transparent sheet which protects it. Durability is usually 4-5 years.  
What are the pros and cons of using Paper/Wine tag?
Paper Tag/Wine Tag are easy to rip off or get torn. However, a ripped off paper tag always leaves a mark when we try to rip it off.  It helps save double tagging, as they can see that it was already being tagged. It also protects thefts etc, as the assets were already being tagged.
What is the benefit of using polyster tags?
Polyester Tag are untearable and hence more durable.